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New in the world of engines and equipment
« : 25.01.2022, 22:45:19 »

Some of the electric motors announced at METS 2021 will be released as early as 2022! Let's talk about new details, specifics and the most interesting exhibits.


METS 2021 was a big event for the past year. After being canceled in 2020, the exhibition pompously returned last year - and once again proved that exhibitions are loved and expected around the world.

The exhibition had a great variety of exhibits. Among them were yachts, boats, equipment, clothes and much more. In short - a paradise for a yachtsman and a person in the subject. Our team also went to the exhibition. We invite you to remember how it was and watch the recording of the live broadcast!

Bluenav BlueSpin Retractable Turbine Motor

BlueSpin Retractable is a hybrid solution for outboard motor boats. Switching between driving modes is carried out at the touch of a button.

This works the same way as it does in a hybrid car. For long cruising and high speed, choose an internal combustion engine, for marinas and quiet bays - an electric option.

blue spin extends vertically and can rotate in different directions. If it is needed only for lateral maneuvers, then after they are completed, you can safely remove it.

BlueSpin in-hull version

There is also an in-hull version of this retractable electric motor. In real mass tests, the engine has not yet been seen, but it's all just a matter of time. This mover is advanced on the “leg”, which is located in the place of the usual saildrive (behind the keel and in front of the rudder blade).

It will be really interesting to see this device in real conditions - how this “leg” will cope with debris in the water is a good question. In fact, installing such an electric drive can be a good solution. Especially for fairly old yachts whose owners decided to abandon diesel.

  • Reduced noise (compared to diesel), air and water pollution
  • Easy maneuvering at low speed
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Possibility of use for hydro generation
  • Available in several power options (15, 20, 30 and 50 kW)
Price: not yet announced

Molabo straight shaft motor

This engine, weighing only 45 kg, can produce a constant thrust of 50 kW. The device uses low voltage during operation and is therefore safer than its counterparts. Company Molabo declares that this shaft drive has a system efficiency of more than 95 % in optimum operating mode!

Chances are we'll see more and more people swap out their old smoking diesel engines for these electric powerplants. Looking forward to seeing a working model for mass use!

Price: not yet announced

E-propulsion Evo series of three new engines

The Evo series by E-Propulsion is finally launched in the EU from the end of 2021!

Spirit 1.0 Evo is a 3 hp portable electric outboard available in tiller or remote control options. It is designed for dinghies, fishing boats and sailboats. The mover is equipped with a large built-in lithium battery with a capacity of 1276 Wh.

The Evo line has a more powerful version of the motor called Navy Series. It provides enough power for aluminum fishing boats, sailing dinghies, day-sellers and is suitable for both salt and fresh water.

Navy 3.0 Evo and Navy 6.0 Evo have a power of 6 hp. and 9.9 hp respectively. You choose a motor, then a battery to power it, then a remote control, with a choice of dual controller, side mount, top mount, or more traditional tiller. The beauty of Evo is that they all provide hydro generation. If you are sailing and leave the propeller in the water, you will be able to recharge the battery.

Prices for different packages

Remigo Electric Outboard

1000 watt electric outboard Remigo - the first of its kind. It is designed for light maneuvers or work on the water. It will serve well on small boats or dinghys.

The motor is very portable and can be easily folded. It fits easily in the trunk or small hatchback car.

The creators claim that it can be charged from AC or DC. At the same time, quick charging from the AC mains takes only 3 hours, and a full charge from the DC mains takes about 12 hours.

In eco-mode, moving at a speed of 2 knots, you can swim on it up to 30 km. If you are cruising a fast flowing river at 5 knots, you will cover a little less than 10 km on a single charge.

Weighing just under 15kg, it does the job perfectly. If we compare it with gasoline engines, then the closest equivalent is 2-3 hp engines.

Price: 1850 €

ServoProp lineup update

Oceanvolt is an example of a manufacturer that has focused on upgrading and rebuilding an existing engine. This was the ServoProp electric servo. The company decided to improve the engine and increased battery capacity and power.

Let's briefly talk about what Oceanvolt will supply its engines with. The first to be updated is the software that will monitor the wear of the engine, its flow state and hydro generation at high speeds. Software update is already available for owners of older versions ServoProp.

In addition, water cooling will be improved. It will help improve efficiency at high speeds. At 11-12 knots ServoProp 15 produces a power of 3 kW.

Reworking the mechanical elements of the system has reduced friction, making it possible to significantly increase charging speeds at lower speeds. Hydro generation now starts at 4.5 nodes instead of 5.5. The amount of energy sufficient to start charging has decreased by a third. Charging speed noticeably increases at 5-6 knots of boat speed.

For example, ServoProp 15 (suitable for yachts up to 15 meters long with one electric motor and larger yachts with two) now produces 220 watts at a boat speed of 5 knots. We increase the speed to 7 knots - we get about 800 watts!

Price from 39 400 € (per ServoProp 10 system including 13.3 kWh battery)

NavAlert monitoring system

It is difficult even to say what class this device belongs to. This is both an alarm and an assistant rolled into one. NavAlert from Digital Yacht is best described as a remote monitoring device. In case of problems, you will instantly receive an SMS.

Besides, NavAlert  also designed to provide useful warnings when you are on board. The device comes immediately with audible and visual alarms for cockpit installation. NavAlert can be connected to all yacht systems and immediately signal problems.

Thus, NavAlert is a universal system capable of controlling any parameters. The list of parameters is extensive: from engine data, GPS position, bilge pumps, sensors to anchor drift alarms.

It is also designed to interact with the device NavChat, which will be available in early 2022. NavChat allows you to give voice signals, such as "Attention - a signal for shallow depth!".

Price: 240 £

Air conditioner Dometic Voyager TX

Improvements in technology have led to the development of more compact air conditioning systems. They have lower power requirements, are easier to maintain and have greater durability.

Series Voyager TX from Dometic is represented by units with a power of 2.9 kW and 5.2 kW. They operate on AC 110 V and 240 V, have a built-in inverter.

Instead of "on" and "off" modes, the air conditioner will operate at the speed necessary to maintain a constant room temperature. This will reduce noise levels and optimize electricity consumption.

Prices: 2 500 $



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