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Автор Тема: La Dolce by Lazzarini: a miracle catamaran from the Fiat 500  (Прочитано 599 раз)

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Lazzarini is famous for its extravagant concepts. But lately even surpasses itself! Meet La Dolce!

How did it all start?

It all started when design studio Lazzarini decided to create a range of small catamarans. Lazzarini would not be Lazzarini if it were not for the key feature of their concepts - uniqueness and originality. This time the company decided to turn to the legendary past of the automotive industry!

In the video you can see one variation of the La Dolce model with a roof and side doors.

But the development of one concept Lazzarini seemed not enough and the company decided to create a whole small brand engaged in the production of this kind of boats. The name of the brand was given unpretentious - Floating Motors. In addition to the Fiat 500, Lazzarini is going to create several more boats based on the designs of other cars.

Features La Dolce

Well, if we discard a fair resemblance to the original, then there is something to talk about. For starters, of course, the look. The body, of course, is not a replica of the Fiat 500 in full measure - otherwise copyright problems cannot be avoided. 

If you look closely at the car and the catamaran, you will notice the differences. Yes, there are familiar features, but it is precisely the “features” that everything is limited to. Headlights, windshield, body lines, bumper - replicas, but how stylish!

Technical features of La Dolce

This small brainchild of Italian engineering can accommodate up to 4 people on board. The pilot and front passenger are placed on separate seats, and the rear passenger seats are one small sofa.

La Dolce was fitted with a Mercury MerCruiser outboard. 1 liter engine, 70 hp Thanks to it, the boat can reach speeds up to 64 km/h or 35 knots. The price of such a Floating Motors La Dolce is $30,000.

There is also an electric version of the catamaran. It is supplied with an electric motor from Torqeedo. He gives out 10 liters. With. less, the maximum speed will be only 47 km / h, but the price of the "battery" La Dolce is much higher - $50,000. When applying, you need to leave a deposit of $5,000, and construction requires at least eight months.

Length   3.5 m
Width   1.9 m
Weight   550 kg
Speed    35 knots (64 km/h)
Engine (volume, power)   1 l, 70 hp
Number of passengers   4

Other novelties from Floating Motors

On the Fiat 500, Lazzarini and Floating Motors' flight of fancy did not stop. The Floating Motors lineup will also include several other catamarans with the cockpit design of the legendary cars.

So, among the models there will be MINI Cooper (needs no introduction) - Mini Mare model, Aston Martin DB5 (yes, the same James Bond “Martin” performed by Sean Connery) - La Perla model, Volkswagen T1 (the same hippie truck and the team Scooby-Doo) and even Dodge Challenger!

The idea is more than extravagant, but no less interesting. We will follow the development of Floating Motors and how the brand will change!



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