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Автор Тема: Man spent five years renovating boat – it sank as soon as it went on water  (Прочитано 188 раз)

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A man dedicated five years of his life and thousands of pounds into renovating his dream yacht.

And then it sank, literally within minutes. Yes, really.

Richard Ogilvy bought the dilapidated WWII boat 10 years ago – but only began renovating it in 2013.
The 75-year-old worked up to eight hours a day – a full working week – ripping off the fibreglass deck, treating the rotten wood and getting the engine running on the 40ft boat.

And then on Saturday, Richard finally decided it was time to test his handiwork and launch his boat into the North sea.

Unfortunately, Sea Wraithe (the boat), had other ideas and did not make it as far as the harbour wall.

Richard, from Forres, Moray, then had to get two of his sons to help him haul the boat out of the water.
But he won’t reveal how much money he’s spent restoring the boat – because he still hasn’t told his wife, Sue (and he is afraid she will ban him from trying to get the boat afloat again). The former forester and sawmill owner, said: ‘Obviously I would have liked to see the boat remain on the surface. A boat is much better when it floats.

Man left with 'reptilian' scales and blood red eyes after mistaking rare condition for flu

‘But it was a life-affirming experience finally getting her in the water.

‘Seeing the boat come out again was incredible and when we finally get it sailing in a couple of months we will be able to have a few beers, look back and laugh.

‘Having the boat right next to my workshop helped a lot in keeping the cost down.

‘But I don’t like to think about how much I paid for it originally. I certainly don’t won’t my wife to find out! So I don’t tell anybody.

‘I’m trying to keep the boat afloat at high tide at the moment. The high tide comes in a night and I need to make sure the pump is running to keep the engine from flooding again.

‘So I’m currently sleeping in my Land Rover at the harbour to make sure it’s all OK. I’ve had four nights there now, but I get quite good sleep.

‘She’s currently leaning against the harbour wall.

‘There’s only so much you can do before you get it in the water to try it out. So many people don’t get that far, but then it’s not a boat. I’m really proud we tried.’

Richard first spotted the boat on eBay around 10 years ago and released it could be a golden opportunity for a restoration.

He had the boat transported to Scotland and, five years later, managed to get it into his garden near his workshop.

The yacht was built in 1936 and was originally used to train German naval officers before the Second World War.

After the Nazi’s defeat the British commandeered the vessel, along with many others, to deprive Germany of any military force.



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