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Автор Тема: Velarca 135 - two-masted “super ecoyacht”  (Прочитано 1086 раз)

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Velarca 135 - two-masted “super ecoyacht”
« : 06.04.2022, 14:02:39 »

Velarca 135 in general terms

The Velarca 135 is hailed as a "new generation" yacht for green travel enthusiasts. She combines a motor yacht-style hull and superstructure with sails from a purebred sailing classic. All this is accompanied by the original arrangement of the sails.

On two carbon fiber masts, there are three self-tipping staysails on hydraulics. By the way, two of them are quite common - the lower wide luff is in its rightful place, and the head angle rushed high into the heavens.

However, the average staysail is not quite familiar to the gaze of the modern yachtsman. It is installed upside down. It turns out that Lehtonen and Koivisto decided to brush up on the image of the “fisherman's sail”. Such a sail was usually installed on traditional schooners in light winds.

Sails and Velarca engine

And yet this is not a traditional yacht at all. The sail materials are high performance laminate or membranes. Their ends are hidden in a whole string of complex hydraulic mechanisms.

The easy-to-handle installation reduces the need for a crew on deck. So a team of eight people will be able to devote more time to guests.

The diesel-electric hybrid propulsion system is capable of regenerating energy under sail. At the same time, emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere will be reduced to a minimum.

Concept and idea

The goal is to provide motor yacht owners with a greener and less energy-intensive alternative. As such, Velarca has been conceived to bring a new level of ease to sailing, as well as all the amenities that superyacht owners have come to expect.

Key features include an oval-shaped spa pool on the aft deck and two reclining “wings” next to the cabins for sun loungers.

On the upper deck there are five or six guest cabins with bathrooms, double and bunk beds, as well as a huge lounge area, including a bar and bow saloon.

Length   41 m
Width   9.3 m
Draft   3.6 - 6.5 m (depending on configuration; not yet disclosed)
Displacement   210 tons

About the creators

The ideological inspirers and architects are Finns Sami Lehtonen and Sanna-Kaisa Koivisto. They are sailors representing the Isola Corvus brand. Velarca originally started as a concept. However, the idea was quickly picked up by the Beiderbeck company, which made the Finns' dream come true.

Lehtonen explains the philosophy behind the project: “We wanted to present a better and more environmentally friendly alternative to the yacht market. Make your contribution to the future, help the world ocean “breathe with relief”. We want our descendants to be able to enjoy the maritime wonders, not dirty waters” to make sure that the next generations can enjoy the maritime wonders.



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