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Автор Тема: Unusual boats: trimaran Hanstaiger X1  (Прочитано 326 раз)

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Unusual boats: trimaran Hanstaiger X1
« : 22.01.2022, 21:29:46 »

The unique and stunning Hanstaiger X1 is almost certainly unparalleled and will not be unparalleled for the foreseeable future. This trimaran exists in only three copies and differs from its counterparts in its unique appearance and incredible decoration inside.

What is the Hanstaiger X1?

The boat's creator, John Ordovas, describes the trimaran as a cross between Lamborghini stuffing, fighter jet power and VIP luxury. Despite some pretentiousness of the statement, it is difficult to disagree with it. The trimaran Hanstaiger X1 is so beautiful and strange that it justifies the words of the creator.

Initially, John wanted to create a cruising yacht that would break convention and offer huge single-level living space, architectural finishes, a giant bathing platform and incredible sailing performance.

The result is a trimaran that has about 85% of interior space on one level, reminiscent of a spacious, loft-style city apartment.

This is a bold design, because all the interior space is obtained by extending the superstructure to the very stern of the vessel. John shares his impressions: “It had some risky elements. We removed the deck and cockpit in the usual sense. This is one of the design features that I am most proud of.

Instead of a classic cockpit, we have something like a “cockpit”. Yes, this is still the same bridge, even the cockpit, but, in my understanding, on such a trimaran, especially considering its design, there should be exactly the “cockpit” like on airplanes. You see, my grandfather and father were pilots, I fly myself. And I know how important the review is. That is why the cockpit is glazed and has the greatest possible view.”

Design features Hanstaiger X1

According to the creator, the boat was specially designed so that there was no need to go to the bow. All boat and sail controls are located as close as possible to the cockpit or very close to it. All winches, locking system, mainsail and staysail lifting - everything works on electronics. There is little rigging on deck.

Although this is clearly not a boat for the yachtsman who likes to tinker with the boat and rigging, performance was still a key parameter.

During the first sea trials off the coast of Alicante, where the shipyard is based, in difficult conditions, the yacht easily reached a speed of 15 knots only under the mainsail and staysail. John boasts: “My pride is being able to set the sails with a single button.”

Hull and sails Hanstaiger X1

X1 is equipped with a lifting daggerboard. A full keel was abandoned. The cases were created on the basis of a mixture of carbon foam and glass. The superstructure is completely made of carbon fiber. This kept the weight to a minimum, but the design is not light at 40 tons.

It is currently not possible to mount a large sail for sailing in light winds. However, John Ordovas says there is nothing in the design of the yacht that could prevent this.

In addition, John has been working on a dynamic stabilization system for a long time. The development of this technology will receive the Martini 7.0 catamaran.

The essence of the technology is reduced to a complex gyroscopic system that “extinguishes” rolling on the water. The system works like flaps on an airplane wing.

Salon and decoration

In a way, focusing on the X1's performance is like looking at the sound system in a Bentley. It is from the salon on this yacht that it takes your breath away. The bold and unusual layout of the living quarters will also not leave you indifferent.

Salon area of 70 square meters is simply huge. The height of the cabin is some incredible 3 meters. Given these factors, the interior really feels impressive.

The galley is more like an open plan designer kitchen, with a dining table for eight and fine Italian furniture.

But the main feature is the transom. More precisely, how it opens completely, and a huge bathing platform descends down. It turns out an impressive recreation area with an area of \u200b\u200babout 30 square meters.

Summing up all the features, we get a yacht that, at the touch of a button, can become one continuous living space.

We need energy!

All this luxury, of course, requires energy. Lots of energy. 2-3 kW of solar panels are built into the boat's hull. It is possible to install a pair of wind turbines.

For a quiet night's sleep, there is a 50 kW lithium-ion battery. To support all this, two 8.6kW generator sets are needed, along with two 165kW Volvo Pentas.

Hanstaiger X1, X2, X3…

John Ordovas was very surprised that there was a demand for X1. At once, several dozen people passionately desired this trimaran. So John ventured a little cheat. “Initially, it was not expected that there would be many boats. First, it destroys the exclusivity of the product. Secondly, this boat is quite a niche product. But the fact that she became widely known in narrow circles made me change my mind,” John laughs.

“You see, X1 will still not be more than three or four pieces. This was the idea. I do not mind and do not exclude the possibility of continuing the series in the form of boats of the X2, X3 lines, etc. Interest in the boat is really phenomenal. But we simply will not export in terms of capacity. Presently! But expect news from us in the near future.”

That may be true, but he is undeniably ambitious. With only three X1 yachts planned, you may never see any of them - but if you do, you won't mistake her for anything else afloat.

Specifications Hanstaiger X1

Length: 19.72m / 64ft 9in

Waterline: 18.20m / 59ft 9in

Mast: 10.00m / 32ft 10in

Draft: 0.92-2.00 m / 3 ft - 6 ft 7 in

Displacement: 40 tons

Sailing rig: 245.5 m2

Price: about 5 million euros without VAT



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