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Автор Тема: Intelligent awareness system unveiled to prevent accidents at night  (Прочитано 513 раз)

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Rolls-Royce has introduced a situational awareness and intelligence system to reduce the risk of ship collisions and groundings at night.

Its Intelligent Awareness (IA) system combines multiple sensors with intelligent software to mitigate against the safety risks navigators face when operating vessels in adverse weather conditions, in darkness or in congested waterways.

IA uses data collection and information display to enhance navigational safety and operational efficiency. It “provides bridge personnel with a much greater understanding of the ship’s surroundings”, said Rolls-Royce general manager for remote and autonomous operations Iiro Lindborg.

“IA forms part of our ongoing development of the autonomous ship, but we decided to make the technology available today as it offers real benefits to the existing shipping environment.”

Rolls-Royce has been able to develop technology that creates a 3D map of a vessel based on light detection and ranging (Lidar). This provides an overview of the vessel’s external situation in what Mr Lindborg said, “creates an accurate bird’s-eye view of the surrounding area”.

Lidar is a remote sensing method that uses light in the form of a pulsed laser beam to measure distances. It can be linked to GPS data to create 3D environments that allow crews to visualise what the human eye cannot.

IA also uses technology from 2D and 3D virtual reality, augmented reality and precision mode interfacing. “We can use the IA system in any ship where there is a need for better situational awareness, particularly during night-time sailings or in adverse weather conditions,” said Mr Lindborg. It is intended to supplement navigational information already available from ECDIS and radar, not replace it.

This technology comes from Rolls-Royce’s participation in the AAWA (Advanced Autonomous Waterborne Applications) project and its collaboration programmes with Stena Line and Mitsui OSK Lines.

One of the first adoptions of IA will be on board 165 m passenger ferry Sunflower, which Mitsui OSK Lines (MOL) operates between Kobe and Oita, Japan, via the Akashi Kaikyo, Bisan Seto and Kurushima Straits. Marine Electronics & Communications reported in Q1 2018 issue that MOL was installing an intelligent awareness system on this ferry.

Explaining the reason behind the decision to install IA, MOL director Kenta Arai said “Sunflower operates in some of the most congested waters in the world and will provide an opportunity to test rigorously Rolls-Royce’s intelligent awareness system.”

He expects IA will be rolled out to other ships to offer crews “an enhanced decision support tool, increasing their safety and that of our vessels”.

by Martyn Wingrove


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