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Автор Тема: Charter: what could it be?  (Прочитано 1267 раз)

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Charter: what could it be?
« : 28.02.2022, 00:22:44 »

A charter on a sailing yacht (and not only on it) can be varied. Not only the type of boat can differ, but also the team, the navigation area. Today we will analyze what types of charters exist and what they offer

Perhaps you are not quite ready for a bareboat charter. Or perhaps a potential charter to a new, more challenging location is making you nervous. Or maybe you just want to spend your sailing holiday in a different way. Whatever your reasons, there are many ways to get on the water around the world, no matter your level of experience. Let's see what you can find besides a bareboat charter. Be sure to mark the type of charter you like with like or dislike. At the end we will see which types of charter our readers prefer more!

Journey for beginner yachtsmen

If you are new to yachting or want to improve your skills and become a more competent and confident skipper, then pay attention to courses from charter companies. This kind of course will allow you to get certified as a skipper. This certification is also useful when renting a boat without a crew, if you want to be alone with the sea.

Hire a Captain

Perhaps you are completely new to sailing, or the yacht you would like to break in is beyond your skills. Consider hiring a captain for all or part of your trip.

Most charter companies make it easy to do this at the time of booking. For example, The Moorings offers a free Friendly Skipper option. Under this program, the captain joins your crew for a four-hour refresher course at the start of your charter.

Tourist charter

Want to enjoy the views, relax? No desire to deal with sails and rigging? Well, in the literal sense, a tourist charter is at your service.

A private cabin charter is ideal for those who want to see the world, live on a luxury yacht and meet interesting people.

Maybe you have more than one thousand miles traveled behind you? Then this option is good for you. Just relax and enjoy the company. This type of charter involves the skipper and cook as the main team.

More fun under the engine!

Let's say you have a lot of sailing experience, but it so happened that you were at the helm of a motor boat. Or perhaps your team is simply not interested in sailing yachts.

A charter aboard a trawler or motorized catamaran can be ideal. Motor catamarans began to appear in charters around the world. They offer the reliability of a catamaran and the simplicity of a powerboat. Great option for relaxation!

Let's dive into the past

Are you in love with the age of piracy or do you want to feel like a sailor on board a ship with yardarms? Sing shanti (sea songs) and feel the romance of the merchant fleet of the 18th-19th centuries? Then you should contact a company that offers charter on classic multi-masted vessels.

This is not quite a charter anymore - rather a full-fledged small voyage in which you will briefly learn the history of sailing ships, the basics of working with large sails, complex reefing systems and rigging.



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