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Автор Тема: New Year gifts for the yachtsman. Part 2  (Прочитано 213 раз)

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New Year gifts for the yachtsman. Part 2
« : 02.12.2021, 20:41:30 »

We continue to review the best gifts for boaters and sailors. Holidays are very soon and it's time to get ready for the arrival of Santa Claus and Santa Claus!

Today's list of gifts will be an excellent guide for everyone who wants to please their loved ones and friends (and possibly beloved friends) on the main holiday of the whole planet. The Interparus team has selected a list of interesting and, most importantly, practical gifts.

Manual watermaker Quench

Hydro Wind Energy aims to produce 100 million Quench Sea desalination plants over the next seven years! This device has a triple pre-filtration and a modern replaceable reverse osmosis membrane.

The device is designed to produce about 18,000 liters of fresh water. By the way, the device weighs 0.7 kg and produces 2 liters of water per hour.

Sealey power supply

This lithium-ion power supply offers a potential solution to the problem of keeping gadgets on board. It is compact and weighs only 1.5 kg.

Don't be intimidated by its weight! The device has a capacity of 31,200 mAh. That's enough to provide half a dozen full charges for a smartphone, or fully charge a regular laptop twice. By the way, this is a good gift for those who constantly suffer from a lack of battery power on their devices.

Zhik ECO wetsuit

Many cruise yachts have wetsuits. They have a wide range of uses - emergency underwater work, swimming in the cold waters of the Atlantic or water sports.

However, traditional neoprene has long been out of trend. It is a petroleum based synthetic rubber. Neoprene, alas, can take centuries to decompose and requires an enormous amount of energy to produce. So such suits are not very beneficial from the point of view of ecology.

A number of companies have developed alternatives, including Zhik. The company introduces ECO Wetsuit, made from sustainable plant materials and recycled plastics.

Calendar by Rick Tomlinson

Yachtsman photographer Rick Tomlison has been producing calendars for 34 years. Trust me, he knows all about the perfect combination of calendar and wall design. The calendar for next year, by the way, has both familiar outlines and new variations of yachts.

It's amazing how the culture of using conventional paper calendars is becoming a thing of the past. Despite this, there are pearls among the pieces produced today. And this calendar is one of them!

Ultimate sailing

Sharon Greene has spent nearly 40 years with the lens on board. This photographer managed to capture racing yachts and, in fact, races in all their beauty!

In its 40th anniversary edition, Sharon has compiled the finest collections of photographs from the past 40 decades. Even if you are not fond of racing, then such an almanac should be looked through at least for the sake of magnificent views.

If you missed the first part of the collection, then we suggest that you familiarize yourself with this link!

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