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Автор Тема: Welcome to glass beach  (Прочитано 1722 раз)

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Welcome to glass beach
« : 01.02.2017, 15:07:39 »

The power of nature can often be surprising and none more so then a beach in Russia where dumped glass has been transformed into colourful pebbles.

The Ussuri Bay used to be a dumping ground for old glass bottles and waste from a porcelain factory but the waves from the Pacific Ocean have rounded and polished the debris left behind.Previously jagged shards of beer, vodka and wine bottles posed a hazard for visitors.

Constant waves from the Pacific Ocean have eroded the once jagged edges of the glass bottles

The bay has now become a tourist attraction with people flocking to the beach to see the unusual sight

The glass shards once posed a danger - now they lie harmless having been worn smooth with time - the bottles were transformed thanks to years of waves pounding them

However after of years of erosion, the east Russian beach now has a unique and beautiful selling point.

The attraction is now safe to visit with people prepared to pay a small fee for come and enjoy the sight, the Siberian Times has reported.

Tourists of all ages are amazed by the shining shore, clean water and splendid view.

The beach is particular spectacular in winter when the snow highlights the vivid colours of the glass.

The beach's beauty has led to it being classed a specially protected zone by Russian authorities

By Hannah Crouch


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